Q: How do I get involved?
A: Email us, attend an event, visit our office, or fill out our online application. Simply click on the “Apply Now” button on our website or visit c2ms.info/osmapply.

Q: Can I get paid?
A: Yes, some of our student leader and editor positions are paid. We also have volunteer, freelance, and for-credit opportunities.

Q: Can I earn academic credit?
A: Yes, we have a number of ways to earn academic credit while working with Student Media. We work closely with academic units to offer credit in your department or concentration whenever possible. Additionally, we offer six different 1-credit co-curricular courses that teach you the skills necessary to host a radio show, write for the newspaper, etc.

Q: Can I start a new group or publication?
A: Yes. We are open to new ideas and will help students who present a new idea for a publication or media project make their dream a reality. One recent example is a brand new magazine, Outlier, which focuses on LGBTQ issues and was created from scratch by a student last spring.

Q: I’m not a Communication major, can I still get involved?
A: Yes! We have students from over 40 different majors involved. The top 5 majors were COMM, ENGL, FAVS, and GOVT but we accept students from all academic concentrations.

Q: How can I participate if I don’t have much free time?
A: We will work with you to find a way to balance a Student Media position with your already busy life as a college student. There are many levels of commitment from editor to contributor to audience member.

Q: How can I learn more about what Mason has to offer?
A: Join our team or become a regular reader/listener/viewer to find out more about Mason news, events, athletics, and more.

Q: I am a faculty member. How can I become a partner?
A: We believe that faculty collaboration is integral to our mission of student success and welcome your involvement. Please email us at stumedia@gmu.edu to become a Student Media partner. Visit the faculty section of our website to learn about available opportunities.