Honoring Student Media's Class of 2021

Malek Salhab


Prose and Poetry Editor, Volition

Melissa Wade

MFA - Creative Writing

Editor-in-Chief, Phoebe

Peter Njoroge


Co-Editor-in-Chief, Fourth Estate

Zach Hamilton

MS - Sports Broadcasting

Graduate Assistant, Sports Broadcasting

Oscar Avelar


Camera/Replay Operator, Sports Broadcasting

Valerie Preactor


Sideline Reporter/Commentator, Sports Broadcasting

Laura Scudder


Co-Editor-in-Chief, Fourth Estate

Long Tran


Camera Operator, Sports Broadcasting

Kyra Kondis

MFA - Creative Writing

Editor-in-Chief, So to Speak

Gina Pham

Graphic Design

Graphic Design Director, Volition

Ethan Reynolds


Editor-in-Chief, The Forge

Cruz Sanchez


General Manager, Mason Cable Network

Domenic Allegra

Gov't & International Politics

Sports Editor, Fourth Estate

Ashley Platenberg


Peer Reviewer, The George Mason Review

Collin Telesz

Sport Management

2nd Assistant Director, Sports Broadcasting

Jesse Benitez

Film & Video Studies

General Manager, WGMU Radio

Millie Tullis

MFA - Poetry

Poetry Editor/Social Media Manager, Phoebe

Lexi Reyes


Social Media Director, Fourth Estate

Katherine Harnisch


Peer Reviewer, Volition

Delaney Harrison


Copy Chief, Fourth Estate

Jon Linney

Announcer, Sports Broadcasting

Camille Brayshaw

Photo/Graphics Editor, Fourth Estate

Jaime A. Segui-Asad

Peer Reviewer, Hispanic Culture Review

Sarah Luria

Copy Editor, The George Mason Review

Joseph Massa

Peer Reviewer, Volition

Sarah Sylvan

Prose and Poetry Editor, Volition

Juan Mendoza

Marketing Director, WGMU Radio

Dana Nickel

Staff Writer, Fourth Estate

Hailey Bullis

Staff Writer, Fourth Estate

Joseph Mauceri

Senior Staff Writer, The Forge

James Gray

Cover Artist/Story Artist, The Forge

Rebecca Burke

Fiction Editor, So to Speak

Virginia Eggerton

Assistant Fiction Editor, So to Speak

Danielle Williams

Poetry Editor, So to Speak

Kell Pieper

Assistant Poetry Editor, So to Speak

Stephanie Buckley

Nonfiction Editor, So to Speak

Sarah Wilson

Nonfiction Editor, Phoebe

Zachary Barnes

Fiction Editor, Phoebe

Congratulations to all 2021 Graduates!