Student Media Alumnus Receives Pulitzer Prize

Student Media staff were thrilled to hear a familiar name when this year’s winners of the Pulitzer Prize were announced in mid-April: former Broadside Photo Editor Thomas LeGro!

Congratulations to Tom on this amazing career achievement!
From the Mason Newsdesk:

“Thomas (Tom) LeGro, BA English ’98, MFA Creative Writing ’01, didn’t necessarily plan a path into journalism.

But his passion for writing and creating eventually led him to The Washington Post, where he is a senior producer for video. LeGro was part of The Washington Post’s team that revealed U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore’s alleged past sexual harassment of teenage girls and the subsequent efforts to undermine the reporting that exposed it.

The team won a Pulitzer Prize for investigative journalism for their combined text and video entry, which included video of a confrontation between Post journalists and a false accuser working for Project Veritas.

During his undergraduate years, LeGro worked as a photo editor for the Broadside, the predecessor to Mason’s Fourth Estate student newspaper, where he enjoyed the newsroom camaraderie and introduction to the world of journalism.”

Read the full article on Mason’s homepage: