Student Media Finds Its Strengths


George Mason University has partnered with Strengths Academy and made the StrengthsFinder Assessment available for FREE to all Mason Students! This assessment allows students to gain greater insight into their natural talents and strengths with the goal of improved academic, personal, and professional outcomes.

According to the Mason’s website, “The vision of the Strengths Academy is to create and sustain a culture of strengths across the university. For the past 10 years, thousands of Mason students, faculty and staff have completed the Gallup Organization’s StrengthsFinder assessment.”

On Friday, September 30th, Student Media’s leaders, staff, volunteers, contributors, and faculty advisors gathered to explore their strengths together in a fun and interactive workshop coordinated by the Leadership Education and Development (LEAD) office.

Participants learned the role their top strengths play in shaping their lives and personalities, as well as how to maximize their impact as a student and a leader by applying their strengths in productive ways. The workshop emphasized connecting with others, building personal talents, and finding success by understanding your strengths and those of your peers.

Special thank you to all those who attended and the LEAD Team, Jenn Robinson, and Rashaan Mateen for facilitating the workshop!

Do you know your Strengths? Click here to take the Gallup assessment.