Student Media Hosts D.C. Charter School Students

Student Media welcomed around eighty fifth- and eighth-graders (from D.C.’s Capital City (CCPCS) and E.L. Haynes (ELHPCS) public charter schools, respectively) to Mason’s Fairfax campus on Monday, November 5th to help remind college students to vote and learn what issues were most important to potential student voters ahead of last Tuesday’s midterm elections.

Photos by: Carolyn Phenicie/Courtesy of:

The students spent their time on campus interviewing Mason students about the issues and candidates most important to them in the 2018 midterms, handing out buttons and stickers with the Mason Votes logo, and practicing chants and making signs with slogans like, “Vote for Us Because We Can’t!” and “Vote: It’s Your Right!” The day culminated in a march from The Hub to Merten Hall during which the middle-schoolers raised their signs high and chanted, “we will get out the vote,” to the tune of Queen’s “We Will Rock You.”

Designed to supplement classroom curriculum from both schools, the field trip gave the 5th graders an opportunity to “describe the importance of the legislative branch and convince others to vote during midterm elections,” while the 8th graders focused on “explaining the implications of voting or not voting in a congressional election and identifying the differences in opinion between two candidates.”

Fadhal Moore, 8th grade social studies teacher at ELHPCS, said this of his students’ experience at Mason: “I try to teach civic engagement in our classroom and having an authentic audience to engage with presented my students with high stakes that made what we are learning tangible and engaging.”

Sarah Cole, 5th grade humanities teacher at CCPCS, added: “I am confident that they will think of this day the first time they vote in 5 years (for the 8th graders) and 8 years (for the 5th graders). All of our students were so engaged, so mission-driven, and inspired in their work today because you so graciously welcomed them and supported them on your campus.”

Thank you to all those who made this visit a memorable one for the charter school students!

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