Honoring Student Media’s 2020 Graduates

Click on the photos below to read more about each 2020 graduate!

Zaria Talley

Zaria Talley - Executive Editor of Volition Magazine

Henry Fisher

Henry Fisher - General Manager, WGMU

Kristen Greiner

Kristen Greiner - Editor-in-Chief, So to Speak Journal

Rachel Purdy

Rachel Purdy - Editor-in-Chief, phoebe

Billy Ferguson

Billy Ferguson - Online Director of Fourth Estate

Julie Tran

Julie Tran - Senior editor for The Forge

Alexandria McAlpine

Alexandria McAlpine - Art Director of the Fourth Estate

Brianna Hayes

Brianna Hayes - Production Writer, The Spill

Jenna Kahn

Jenna Kahn - Webmaster for phoebe since Fall 2017

Christopher Malone

Christopher Malone - Senior Camera Operator, Sports Broadcasting Team

Madison Hoffman

Madison Hoffman - Prose & Poetry Editor for Volition Literary and Arts Journal

Imani Holloman

Imani N. Holloman - Communication Team Member

Grace Snyder

Grace Snyder - Production Director, WGMU Radio

Abigail Newhouse

Abigail Newhouse - Nonfiction editor for phoebe

Victoria Mendoza

Victoria Jayne Mendoza - taff Writer and Social Media Coordinator, The Forge

Lindley Estes-Thomas

Elizabeth Estes-Thomas - Fiction editor, Phoebe

Elisabeth Angeley

Elisabeth Nicole Angeley - Volition Staff

Maricielo Gutierrez

Maricielo Ampudia Gutierrez - Assistant Editor for Hispanic Culture Review

Emmett Smith

Emmett Smith - Distribution Manager

Not Pictured:

Blake Wallin

Poetry Editor, Phoebe

Julie Iannone

Reader, Phoebe

Sean van der Heijden

Reader, Phoebe

Mary Winsor

Reader, Phoebe

Allison Tunstall

Blog Editor, So to Speak

Jhanvi Ramaiya

Art & Design Editor, So to Speak

Tara Fritz

Fiction Editor, So to Speak

Lisa DesRochers-Short

Assistant Nonfiction Editor, So to Speak

June Tubbs

Fiction Reader, So to Speak

Reagan Ortiz

Volunteer, Mason Cable Network (host of Mason Munchies)

Jenae Barnes

News Director, Mason Cable Network

Ahmad Alach

Editor-in-Chief, The George Mason Review

Cameron Safi

Peer Reviewer, The George Mason Review

Abdul Noor

Peer Reviewer, The George Mason Review

Leigh Norman

Prose & Poetry Staff, Volition

Zach Arlt

Prose & Poetry Staff, Volition

Kamryn Crossman

Prose & Poetry Staff, Volition

Natalie Heavren

Sports Editor, Fourth Estate

Eli Vandegrift

Staff Writer and PR Director, The Forge

Alex Wright

Senior Staff Writer, The Forge

Shawn Ouellette

Commentator, Sports Broadcasting Team

Yidan (Diane) Yang

Intern, Sports Broadcasting Team