Student Media Celebrates Constitution Day 2019

Photo by Mohammad Abdallah Khamis Alyakhri

Student Media was proud to help the Mason Nation observe Constitution Day on Tuesday, September 17, 2019. 232 years ago, on September 17th, 1787, delegates to the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia signed the United States Constitution and American democracy as we know it was born. George Mason famously refused to sign the Constitution (1 of 3 dissenters), insisting that the document didn’t go far enough to secure individual liberties like freedom of religion, speech, and the press. His advocacy on those “inherent rights” eventually led to the adoption of the first 10 amendments and earned him the nickname of Father of the Bill of Rights.

Mason’s 2019 Constitution Day celebration included an appearance by George Mason himself who passed out free pocket Constitutions to the first 100 students and asked trivia questions about the document. Student Media was proud to partner with Student Government who helped distribute pocket Constitutions and Contemporary Student Services who co-hosted a catered luncheon for students in The Hub.

Many thanks to our partners and volunteers!

Test your First Amendment knowledge with a quiz from the Student Press Law Center at

Explore the Interactive Constitution and learn more about the drafting of the U.S. Constitution at



MCN Sports Now Live Streaming on ESPN+

Mason Cable Network’s Sports Broadcasting Team produces over 100 live streams each year through a partnership with Mason Athletics. Students handle all aspects of the production, including writing scripts, doing play-by-play and color commentary, handling tech services and working the cameras.

ESPN+ began carrying Student Media broadcasts of select A-10 sports (men’s and women’s soccer, baseball, softball, and lacrosse) in the fall of 2018.

“Having these broadcasts published on ESPN really makes this feel professional,” said Natalie McCarthy, a senior sport management major. “You have a bigger incentive to make sure everything looks good and is done just right.”

And, of course, she added, “It looks really good on a résumé.”

Click here to read more from Mason News.

28th Annual Communication Department Awards

Mason’s Department of Communication held their 28th annual undergraduate awards ceremony on Saturday, March 23rd in the JC Cinema and Student Media was very well represented. At least 14 of the outstanding students honored during the ceremony are currently involved in Student Media groups or have held leadership positions in past semesters. Special thanks to Kate Sweeney, Maria Carabelli, Tim Gibson, and Anne Nicotera for organizing the event and recognizing these students’ outstanding achievements!

Congratulations to all the winners!

Excellence in Journalism: Alex Shedd (Fourth Estate)

Excellence in Broadcast Journalism: Angelique Arintok (Mason Cable Network)

Excellence in Videography: Kera White (Mason Cable Network)

Multimedia Journalism: Dana Nickel (Fourth Estate)

Feature Writing: Lauren Sullivan (Fourth Estate)

Writing & Reporting: Natalie Heavren (Fourth Estate)

Society of Professional Journalists Leadership: Lauryn Cantrell

Journalism Student of the Year: Lauryn Cantrell (Society of Professional Journalists)

Kevin Athari Award: Natalie Heavren (Fourth Estate)

Dr. Bruce Manchester Outstanding Academic Achievement Award: Monica Echols (Fourth Estate)

Chapter of the Year: Society of Professional Journalists

COMM Ambassador of the Year: Jimmy O’Hara (George Mason Review)

PRSSA Special Recognition: Sydney Cano (Society of Professional Journalists)

WGMU Announcer of the Year: Vivek Rangarajan

WGMU Broadcasters of the Year: Giselle Aparicio & Rhema Johnson

Excellence in Communication Awards: Angelique Arintok (Mason Cable Network), Lauryn Cantrell (Society of Professional Journalists), Lauren Sullivan (Fourth Estate), and Alexis Whitted (Mason Cable Network)

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